背诵为王第四册 Unit3:The Computer and Privacy2010-04-07
In the last 20 years, the productivity of the computer has increased over 1 . With this kind of technological advance, the possibility of storing more and more information at a central point is growing at a phenomenal rate. But so is the possibility of gaining access to the stored information.
背诵为王第四册 Unit2:Parent-children relationship by ...2010-04-07
The value of parental affection to children lies largely in the fact that it is more reliable than any other affection. One's friends like one for one's merits, one's lovers for 1 ; if the merits or the charms diminish, friends and lovers may vanish. But it is in times of misfortune that parents are most to be relied upon, in illness, and even in disgrace if the parents are 2 .
背诵为王第四册 Unit1:Power of Architecture2010-04-06
Architecture is to be regarded by us with the most 1 . We may live without her, and worship without her, but we cannot remember without her. How cold is all history, how lifeless all imagery, compared to that which the living nation writes, and the uncorrupted marble bears! --how many pages of 2 might we not often spare, for a few stones left one upon another!
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit60:The Dishonest Desk Clerk2010-04-06
About a year ago, I registered at a Detroit hotel. I had just cashed a check. I didn't want to carry too much money with me, so I asked the desk clerk to put 1 in the safe for me.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit59:Restaurants in London2010-04-05
British restaurants are not, unfortunately, famous for their good food. Too often, they offer only sausages and chips, 1 — chips with everything in fact, but there are some wonderful surprises in British cooking; especially the many delicious cakes and desserts. The British certainly enjoy their food. There's a fantastic variety of restaurants of all nationalities in London.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit58: A Sunset on the Screen2010-04-05
The director of a film planned to film a beautiful sunset over the ocean. He sent his 1 crew out one evening to shot the sunset for him.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit56: Balance of Nature2010-04-04
All the different plants and animals in a natural world are in a state of balance. This balance is achieved by the plants and animals interacting with each other and with their non-living surroundings. An example of a natural community is woodland, which is usually dominated by a particular species of plant, such as the oak tree in an oak wood. The oak tree in this example is therefore called the 1 but there are also many other types of plants, such as bushes, 2 , mosses, lichens and algae.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit57: Family Life2010-04-04
British and American families are small. In fact, the populations of both Britain and the USA have 1 .
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit55: An Amateur Artist2010-04-03
When Sebastian was at school, his favourite lesson was art, and he won several prizes because he was so good at 1 .
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit54: A Necklace2010-04-03
Helen and Mary are both studying English at University. Helen is very good at throwing the javelin and Mary is very good at 1 .
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit53: New York2010-04-02
Everyone has an image of New York — the Statue of Liberty, the skyscrapers,the beautiful shops on Fifth Avenue,or the Broadway theatres. This is America's cultural capital, and her biggest city, with a population of nearly 1 . In the summer it is hot, hot, and hot and in the winter it can be very cold.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit52: A Lesson of Life2010-04-02
Mrs. Hammond was old and blind, but she was very 1 and tried to do things by herself. She would go for long walks alone once a day and was able to find her way back by using her guiding stick. She had never lost her way until this day.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit51:Best Medicine2010-04-01
Jim worked in the office of a big company. He lived alone in a small comfortable apartment with two rooms, 1 and a bathroom.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit50:The Land of Dreams2010-04-01
In the 1840's, California was almost uninhabited. There were a few Spanish missions, some ranchers and farmers, and of course, bandits who stole anything they could find.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit49:This is the USA2010-04-01
The United States of America — the richest and one of the biggest countries in the world — has several names. People call it the United states, 1 , America, or just the USA or the US.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit48:Pubs2010-04-01
Mathew lived in a big city, and always had his hair cut by the same hairdresser. Mathew went to him once a month. He always cut Mathew's hair exactly as Mathew liked it, and while he was doing it, the two men would talk about their favourite 1 .
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit46:A Nicer Father2010-03-31
Charlie Yates was seventeen years old, and although he had left school, he preferred living in his parents' house. He wanted to find a job, but he never seemed to get one. His father wanted him to 1 , but his mother wanted him to stay.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit47:Pubs2010-03-31
Pubs are an important part of life in Britain. People go to the pub to relax, meet friends and sometimes to 1 .
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit45:Stately Homes2010-03-30
It was believed that in the old days the rich were very rich and the poor were very poor. Is it really different now? Some of the aristocratic families of Britain still have a lot of money, and some still live in magnificent tately homes built by their families hundreds of years ago.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit43: American Homes2010-03-30
Many young Americans do not 1 their families, but in apartment blocks or residential areas where everyone is more or less of the same age.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit42:An Affable Man2010-03-29
J.S. Minion was a maintenance foreman in the Public Works department of Excelsior City. He was a 1 of the senior officials at City Hall. They all praised his unfailing affability.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit41:Work in a Bank2010-03-29
He went to his aunt and said, I want to work in a bank like Uncle Bob. His aunt smiled, but didn't say anything. When Bill's uncle came home that evening, his wife told him that Bill wanted to work in a bank. His uncle agreed that it was a good idea.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit40:Fast Food2010-03-28
Everyone is always in a hurry these days. No one has time to 1 a meal with a friend. People want to eat now and they want to eat fast. The fast food industry tries to give them what they want, when they want it. It's an industry that's getting bigger all the time.
ж롪ٷַ22270.COM_背诵为王第三册 Unit39:"Anyone Can Sign a Ticket."2010-03-28
The police say hundreds of offenders have been caught by Mrs. Gordon, a citizen who 1 the license numbers of people who break the law in this way, and sends them into the local police station.
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